We loved working with Liz. Her ideas and suggestions for organizing were innovative and economical; however, this process was more than organizing piles of papers and clothes in our home. Clearly in Place really helped us create a flow in our household that will save our entire family time and headaches later.

 - Kristen K., Wilmington, DE

Liz's fresh eye and organizing talents were invaluable in helping me break through my own limitations. Liz saw immediately what my sticking points were and addressed them with ease. I smile every time I open a newly organized cabinet or drawer.  

- Sam S., Technology Executive, Wilmington, DE

We were very pleased with the process. From the initial interview to our latest follow-up sessions, we feel that Liz truly listens to us, understands our needs and the way our minds work, and finds several solutions to offer us as we go through the organizing steps. For our home office, we asked Liz to help us streamline two home businesses, plus our household paperwork. We have found several systems that are working to make our lives more manageable and paper-free. The only thing I would have changed would have been to contact Liz sooner!

- Rachel and Steve P., Business Owners, West Chester, PA

Clearly in Place helped to organize my office so that everything has a home and my desk is now clutter-free. My biggest problem in trying to do this on my own was not keeping on task. Liz kept me focused, gave me ideas for storage and organization. I would highly recommend Clearly in Place. Liz is a delight to work with.

- Judy F., Wilmington, DE

Liz's guidance and suggestions really helped me accomplish a lot in a very short period of time. She is a pleasure to work with. I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.

- Jessica K., Wilmington, DE

Liz is awesome. She gets the job done. I had dragged my feet for too long. Liz got me started! 

- Nancy C., Centreville, DE  

Thank you again - so much - for your willingness to use your time, energy, and expertise to serve us by speaking. Attendees commented on how helpful, inspiring, and awesome they thought your presentation was!

- Bethany M., Newark, DE  

Liz was amazing! She not only assisted in the organization of our house but more importantly she assisted us in making it a home. Our kids' toys are contained! We have function, organization and an overall love for our space.

-Monique M., Wilmington, DE

Putting time aside to work with someone to organize has helped me reclaim space in my home. After my mother passed away, I found myself with many of her belongings piled in different spaces throughout the house. The professionalism and warmth that Liz brought to our sessions helped me to find a nice space to save the things that I could not part with yet. I can't think of anyone who could not benefit from time spent with Liz.

- Alice M., Hockessin, DE